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With our research-backed advice, derived from international expertise and practical experience.

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Our consultancy firm is dedicated to enhancing greenhouse results worldwide. We will guide you through the greenhouse design process before being built. Once in operation we support you to reach your production and financial targets. To provide you with prompt, unbiased, and reliable advice, we leverage common sense with scientifically sound model-based design tools.


Design Greenhouse

Making wrong decisions during the design process can result in significant financial losses, potentially exceeding hundreds of thousands of euros annually. We assist you in making the right choices regarding location, crop selection, and technology implementation. We consider the specific requirements of your crops, your preferences, and the local conditions as our starting point.

Throughout the design process, we provide support in various areas, including conducting workshops to familiarize you with the greenhouse industry, helping you select the optimal location and suitable technological systems, creating a comprehensive business case that encompasses capital expenditures (CAPEX), operational expenditures (OPEX), and cost price calculations. We also conduct risk analyses and evaluate proposals from greenhouse builders.

Operational excellence

New greenhouse:
Once the construction of the right greenhouse is complete the real work starts. It’s like having a car ready to go, but its performance relies heavily on the skills of the drivers. Achieving your desired production and quality depends on many multiple critical factors. We support you throughout this process by increasing the skills of your team. Our model-based approach allows us to identify and address if and where the budget is under pressure.

Existing greenhouses:
If you have concerns whether your existing greenhouse is operating at its full potential, we can do a quick scan to address if and in which aspects the greenhouse is underperforming. Moreover, changes in energy costs or new sustainability requirements might require greenhouse improvements. We provide insights and recommendations for hardware or operational improvements, ensuring that you realize the full potential of your greenhouse.

About me

I’m passionate about the greenhouse industry, as it allowed me to merge my interests in commercial, plant biology, physics, and modelling skills. Throughout my international career in greenhouse, I have witnessed numerous success stories, but also observed many projects that fail to fully achieve their production and quality potential. These experiences have motivated me to enhance greenhouse results worldwide. Equipped with a PhD in international greenhouse design, along with practical, commercial, and international expertise, I am well-prepared to support you.

As a teenager I worked in the open field horticulture in the southern part of the Netherlands. I did a Master in Agricultural Engineering and PhD at Wageningen University with a strong focus on greenhouse technology. During my PhD, I developed a greenhouse design tool that adapts greenhouses to specific local conditions such as climate and economic parameters, ultimately maximizing profitability. I worked for five years as a business development manager for a Dutch greenhouse process control company in Mexico. Upon my return to the Netherlands, I expanded my expertise in international greenhouse design and energy-saving solutions for greenhouses as applied researcher at Wageningen University. Additionally, I acquired valuable insights into the leafy greens industry while collaborating with a specialized system provider. Since 2021 I have my own consultancy firm.


Vanthoor Greenhouse Consultancy B.V.

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